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What is a Life Coach? 

No, we're a therapist! 

Life coaching isn’t the same as counseling, therapy, or advice giving it’s different. A therapist and counselor are looking into your past. A life coach is always looking forward. As a life coach I am looking to the things you can and will achieve. The life coach allows you to be the driver in your life. After all you know better than the life coach where you want to go. The life coach is here to help you maneuver on the road to your destination. That would be through encouragement, affirmations, and with expert guidance. If at any time, I recognize that counseling or therapy is needed I will inform you.


Coaching is for the person that’s well adjusted, emotionally stable, effectively working and desiring to move forward in life. With the understanding that you are entirely responsible for your well-being. That includes but not limited to your choices and decisions.

Coaching can and will include goal setting, accountability, value clarification. There will be written assignments, identifying action plans, and changes to move forward.


Coaching works best when both parties are honest. When the lines of communication are open. Your willingness to work hard while looking in the mirror. Always putting your best foot forward. And when the client understands their responsibility in this relationship. With the assurance that this relationship is based on professionalism and confidentiality. If at anytime anything violates the law or your safety that rule is out.


What do you do when you've reached the end of yourself? What do you do when you're still in the same place your were in this time last year? Where do you turn when you have no place to turn to? I tell you what I did. I hired a life coach. She helped me turn things around. I was able to move from stagnation to a place of vitality. What about you? What place are you in today? Let me know if you're ready to move forward.


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