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Coping with Grief

What do you do with the grief of your loss? Where do you go for help? What will you do to help you?

Empty Nest

Now that the nest is empty, what happens next? What will you do for yourself? How will you redefine you?


What will you do now that you’re a parent? What are the  boundaries you’ve put into place? What are the values in your home?

Grandma to Mom Again

What happens when grandma become Mom again? What resources do you have? What do you do with the life you’ve just been handed?

What happens at 50?

What happens at 50? Where do you turn when you’re all alone?

What did you envision life would be for you now? Where did life go? 

What Happened to I?

Who am I? Where did "I" go? Who's that in the mirror? Let talk about getting to know you again. 

Living Life

What do you do when life sends you a curve ball?

What happens when the plan fails?  What do you do?

What happens when you fail to plan?


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